Monday April/15/2013 will now mark the day of an anniversary. The word Anniversary used to be associated with love and devotion to another person or event. However lately anniversary as mean’t the mark of a day no one forgets ( Like September 11th) April 15th a year from now will mark yet another bombing, The Boston Marathon explosion. Today athletes who were supposed to be celebrating were hit with tragedy.

According to The New York Times two bombs exploding leaving two dead and many injured  Sources say that around 4 pm a third explosion was heard. People said they saw limbs and injured runners everywhere. The bombs exploded at the finish line.

This event has once again shocked people around the country and our prayers go out to the families of the injured and deceased.

With all the tragedy that has happened in my generation I would like the public to take a look at themselves. We take each other for granted everyday, once tragedy strikes  we all hold each other close for a few months than go right back to letting go. How many horrible events are going to happen before we make a change and what kind of sick people are in this world to get some sort of enjoyment out of hurting others.

These events inspired me to make a checklist. A checklist of things you should try to do once in your life, not because of tradgedy striking, but be cause of love for mankind.

Hug at least 3 people a day: These do not have to be random strangers. They can be siblings, significant others, parents, etc. Just give them a hug because you never know when you might lose them

Look up at the Sky. This one sounds completely random but sometimes its when you feel that your problems are so big it’s nice to realize that you are small and that there are many small others in this big world.

Count your blessings. Literally. Start your day with writing all the blessings you have! I bet you that you will count more than twenty.

Donate at least ONE dollar. This one sounds silly, but I can guarantee that not everyone has donated at all, EVER. According to Charity Navigator  in 2011 298 billion dollars got donated to different charities. I’m not sure about 2012 and 2013 but hopefully it is more.

<Smile. “Smile though your heart is breaking.” Smile when your grateful  sad, mad. Let the world see that smile and know that things might be bad, but one day they will be okay.





Pray for those who are still in the hospital and those who are deceased. Not Once But EVERY DAY


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