(Credit: Jim Goodwin Photography)

We know what our wedding dress will look like, we know the floral arrangements  we might even know the flavor of the cake we want…But do you know what the one looks like?

How is it that at such a young age we believe in the wedding but are never taught to believe in the the marriage? So much is put on the dress and the physical aspect of weddings instead of the true meaning, love.

Even more of a question is why do we even need to believe that a wedding should be an extravagant event or even happen at all. What I have figured out recently through much contemplation is that love is not the dress (no matter how beautiful it is) it is the mysterious figure who might meet you at the end of the aisle in life.

Ladies find yourself before you wear the dress, find the actual one before you plan the floral arrangements, and pick the flavor of your cake after you know you won’t want to run.


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