This morning I thought I should talk about things from my inner child’s point of view that I wish someone would have told me when I was younger.

The one that I can not stress enough is  about prince charming. Yes, he might be out there but waiting for him to rescue you is a waste of your time and will only hinder your growth. In so many Disney movies women, like Cinderella or Sleep Beauty, are rescued by a prince from a life of horror. When I was a kid growing up in a home of domestic violence I would literally wait by the window and pray to god for a man to appear and save me. This mentality went on through many years and often these men who I thought would save me only increased my low self-esteem and damaged my self-worth. Imagine if I had learned from someone who I did not need someone else to rescue me, that I needed to rescue my self. So many women get into situations where they feel alone and helpless.


There are so many of us women that have been through so much and we need to start sticking together. Not AGAINST men but just WITH each other.

Ugly, stupid, fat, etc will only define you if you LET IT define you. Just because someone’s perception of you is one of these hurtful things, that does not mean it has to become your reality. Realize that people say things out of spite, jealousy, or a reflection of how they really feel about themselves. Don’t let that stop you from the path you are on to greatness!

That also leads me to the point that you are SOOO Beautiful not because of your outside but because of your inner self.

Always take your intelligence seriously. Read a book! Many kids and adults neglect reading these days. Knowledge of the world and vocabulary will prepare you for some of the most important things in life.

PICK UP A BOOK PLEASE. NOT A MAGAZINE! (Unless the magazine is going to teach you something other than how to lose 10 pounds in two weeks)

There is only one YOU. And that is what makes you the most beautiful stunning creature. There is NO ONE else who is truly like you so the only person you should ever compete against is yourself.

Please share this chalkboard with WHOEVER I do not even care if I get credit just as long as it is shared with the world.

“Happiness is best shared”- Into the Wild


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