Now there is a story behind this keep calm. I was looking at Pretti Honest likes today and I noticed one that almost sent me into complete rage. “Cooking/kitchen.” Now I remember adding it to a like because of someones recommendation, someone who I assumed was a close friend. This person was a male, I didn’t think much of it until today when I really thought about who that person is. He is someone who doesn’t believe in my mention. Maybe Pretti n Pink will never be as successful as I want it to be but if I can change a few perceptions and tell women to be their own true self no matter what anyone thinks..I made a great difference. Because that woman will show love onto others and be herself. She will go to another woman and show that same kind of love and inspiration and this will continue. In the minds at Pretti N Pink changing one person’s perception of themselves is a stepping stone in changing more realities. I will always have women in mind with whatever I write on Pretti N Pink.

You do not need to be a house wife, a workaholic, or anything you wish not to be. Always always be yourself and give yourself to others in a logical matter to help inspire and change the world!



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