Dissonance is a self bio story about a woman trying to change her life and change others lives in the process.


Focusing on men and others is how I have lived my life, a life of subtle slavery, certain certainties, and an unwillingness to put myself first.
I have a beating heart, steady breathing, and an active brain, However I am not truly alive. Currently in the wholesome quiet town of Menomonie wishing I was anywhere else. My friends all seem to have new boy toys, new jobs, or something that isn’t old. I am filled with over whelming joy for them, but a part of me can’t help but envy. Their ability to chase, explore, and determine their own path is a sensible thing to envy in my eyes.
I live the life of the dreamer, and the dreamer rarely steps out of ones own mind. Dreaming  of a successful life full of travel and making connections. Where I am not defined by the numbers on my student id- which after four years I still have no desire to memorize-, or waitress, sister, friend. I want to be defined as I, me, myself.  Most of all I am fixated on changing the world. It doesn’t have to be a super hero villain type of world saving like you see in the movies, I would just like to change the world for us women. The reason behind this is a story for reality…Not perception.
With much practice I guess it is best to make more out of life. I have so much time here and luckily I am only 22 years old.

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