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Like the beach and tide, it may sweep us off to places we have never been. Like the words in the sand it washes away, but even the words take time to vanish from sight. 

I was once in love.

Not in love like a fucking Disney movie, but in true, mad, intertwined, psychotic, beautiful, unexpected love; best of all it was with my best friend. You know that feeling your heart gets when you get a text from the object of your infatuation, now imagine that the object of your infatuation is also infatuated with you, now imagine that he lies next to you every day, every night…. So multiply that feeling by ten. The deal was I was not ready for love, I was not ready to devote my whole life and happiness to one person, he was at the time. I pushed and pushed, you can only pull something that pushes so far before you are thrown back.
We ended things and in plagued me for years…

1. Love means letting go sometimes.

Take this lesson and don’t just apply it to people, apply it to negativity. Every time you feel like you are so down and everything is crashing in on you find love and you will find a way out. When it comes to people let go of your anger or dislike and realize that everyone enters your life for a reason and leaves it for another. All those reasons come with a lesson that you should relax and take time to figure out.

2. Love means Move Forward into your OWN arms.

The biggest mistake we can ever make is the “chain dating” phenomena. We lose love and so we look for it everywhere and wonder why we feel so broken. This is because we have not taken time to be whole again.

3. Love means Patience. Time really does heal all wounds.

When you go through a break up there is that pain you experience, an actual heartache. Like a cut, time heals this and you WILL be ok. No matter what you think right now. Whether you think that you will never find anyone else, or you won’t find love, or it will just happen again. Give it time because this is a chance to grow, love, and live.

4. Love means change.

The world ages, grows, evolves and so do the creatures that inhabit it. We are growing everyday through our struggles and triumphs. Don’t regret the time you had with this person, they gave you something beautiful, the beginning of a new chapter.


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