Having Hope, even when it seems like there is none.

Hope. This photo is from the website makemestronger.com Help for individuals with blood cancer.


I am not going to pretend that I’m not a pessimistic, that I don’t always believe in happy endings, I mean why would I? When life has pain, struggle, good days, bad days, boring days, love, fear, and bravery; How is a person supposed to feel sane and feel like there is hope. Hope is believing that maybe the situation won’t always be so bad.

In times of extreme struggle you need to have hope, not because it is good for you to believe, but because it invites hopeful situations into your life. Why is it that when there are bad things that happen more bad things happen. Is this merely coincidence or is it the law of attraction at work. You do not have to be happy all the time and block out the bad situations, I am not asking you to be ignorant, however if you even just have hope you will bring more positive energy into your life and that positivity will attract a litte more positive events in your life each day.


Always have hope.


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