Quotes for Women Dreamers. Let’s Wake up.

When you wake up do you need that extra push to keep you moving? We all do sometimes. It is easy to pull the covers back over your eyes and drowned your worries in dreams of a different world, however you need to get up. You have things to do and the weight of the world on your shoulders. Here are some quotes that might give you that extra push to wake up.

Inspiration From Instagram

1. It is Not Happy People who are Thankful.


This reminds me of the Law of Attraction #loa. When you are thinking thoughts that emulate gratitude, you bring positive energy and things into your life. Whether you have faith in the universe, God, Buddha, etc, Positive thinking is beneficial for life changes and goals.

2. We are The Essence..


I actually created this one because it is something I firmly believe. Have you ever felt like you were destined for something more? That is because you are the stars you are trying to reach. Your dreams are already a part of YOU, why not make them a reality? @thebrettina

3. If You Don’t Stand For Something.


A friend and I were outside of one of the Uptown bars talking about the usual boy issues. A man came up to us and said he had something to tell us, since we reminded him of his daughters. This Malcolm X quote is what he said. I did not even know it was a Malcolm X quote until I looked it up for this post. You need to stand up for what you believe in. If everyday you let others opinions and expectations define you, you become nothing. Stand up for your beliefs. Also do not let a man manipulate or become your definition for life, that is what I got out of it anyway.

4.Behind Every Successful Woman


You do not need a man behind you, in front of you, on top of you, etc. You need to create and focus on your own dreams first. You can’t help anyone else if you do not get up and help your self. This one is brought to you by @bosswomenunite on Instagram.

Inspiration from Tumblr

5. Get the F*&$ out of Bed


Speaking of getting up. There was one day I just wanted to give up and I dramatically pulled the covers back over my head and got on my phone. I was not going to go to class or the gym like I had promised my self. When I went on Tumblr this was the first thing I saw. I snapped out of it and jumped up. Always look at the signs in life that come your way, and get out of bed so you can experience all life has to offer.

6. When You Bring Peace to Your past.


Everyone tends to say, “Forget your past.” Forgive but don’t ever forget. Just bring peace to it. When you wake up start a new day fresh.

7. I Read Somewhere…


A movie that is completely quotable, Into the Wild. Sometimes you just need to get up and feel strong. You might be weak at the moment, life might be unbearable, but your strength and perseverance will be what helps you make your dreams come true. And no, you do not have to go run off into the Wild with out any warning! That’s dangerous!

8. Fall down Seven Times


My favorite quote. You might fall, and it might hurt. When you fall you might bleed, and it might sting. Whatever the case you need to get your ass up and into gear. Life comes with its failures but if you always succeed what is the point? Where is the challenge? And you know us ladies love a challenge. 😉


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